Trailer Gallery

Our livestock trailers are not only for your comfort, making it easy to upload and unload farm animals like sheep or cattle, but they are also comfortable and safe for the animals.

Our car trailers are strong and tough, perfect in the uploading and unloading of vehicles. If you require something more customised for a specific purposer – call us, we can help! 

Our mobile toilet trailers will give you peace of mind and boost your image during an event or during the set-up of a temporary site.  

Our utility trailers are excellent workhorses to move day to day items such as equipment, supplies, furniture, boxes, garden refuse and trash. They are perfect for gardeners, farmers, campers and DIYers.

Our food trailers are equipped with a beautiful kitchen, including a gas stove, a basin, Bain Marie’s, a fryer, a griller, and a mess cage for a gas bottle. If you want to open a mobile food business and be profitable, a food trailer is the way to go.

Our fridge and cold room trailers are manufactured to keep perishable produce fresh and safe to eat, such as meat, fruits, vegetables, flowers, dairy products and more.

Our flatbed trailers are extremely strong and durable. If you require a powerful tool when transporting generators or heavy loads that require a forklift, our product can handle it.

With water scarcity a concern, our mobile water tank trailers are great for distributing fresh water in emergencies, for farming, agriculture, or other necessities. They can carry up to a 1000 litre flowbin.

Our diesel bowser trailers are made to last and are exceptionally durable. We produce and manufacture diesel bowsers fitted with tanks that can carry diesel or fuel ranging from 1000litres to 2500litres. They meet the required regulations as required by traffic laws.

Our hearse trailers are ideal for the funeral industry, requiring transportation of the deceased in a dignified and safe manner. 

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